We guarantee to provide our customers superior quality oil products extracted from the Agarwood. Our unique technology and method, which is a blend of traditional and modern, ensures that the oil that is extracted is 99% pure and free of chemicals. Customers can obtain a GC-MS Certificate of Analysis as proof of quality.

Using a special steam technology inherited from the Chowdhury family in India, we carefully extract the Agarwood oil from the Aquilaria malaccensis, grown in our own plantations in the Lao PDR.

The extraction and filtering processes using pure steam, which enables the removal of all impurities. Our oil is guaranteed 99% pure and chemical-free and hence the strong demand for our products.

Agarwood, the “Wood of the Gods”, is the rarest and most precious wood on the planet, prized for its rich, wonderful and healing fragrance.

Its familiar aroma is known across the world by different names: Oud in Arabic, Ogoru in Assamese, Agar in Hindi, Gaharu in Indonesia, Gahra in New Guinea, Jin-koh in Japan, Chén-xiang in China, Mai Kritsana in Thailand and Mai Ketsana in the Lao PDR. In Europe it is referred to as Eaglewood (Lignum Aguila).

Agarwood and the oil extracted from it, are worth 1.5 times more than gold and on top of that the aromatic mystery and spiritual elevation of Agarwood oil make it one of the most valuable natural incense available on the earth.
Natural perfume oil from Agarwood retains the odor of “true” Agarwood: a mushroom and carrot seed accord, which can be roughly portrayed by combining ambergris, jasmine, earth and wood notes. On the other hand lightly inoculated wood, sometimes cultivated, produces inferior oil with a patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver character. Overall it is a balsamic and sweet woody association, somewhat similar to sandalwood oil. Agarwood natural oil effect is hot and pure. The oil freezes at 22°C and it becomes a liquid oil at 40°C and this oil is best for medicinal & cosmetics uses. Mostly in Middle East countries this oil is used as a perfume and in addition it is also good for the skin.

There are only three Agarwood oil grades. Two grades are related to the distillation period and the third one comes from the raw natural wood from the Agarwood tree.

  1. First Grade Super(Churan) oil:which can be extracted after 10-15 days of distillation process.
    2. Second Grade Super oil: This can be extracted after approximately 5 days of distillation process. Its smell is similar to the Grade 1.
    3. Boya-paste/wax: which is also called kunda comes from the raw wood distillation process of the Agarwood tree. It is always like a paste /wax and smells different from Grade 1 and 2.


Lao Agar Int’l Dev. Co. Ltd. has an experienced team with more than 25 years of experience in the field.

The Agarwood is converted into wood chips producing a quality and grade superior to anything in the market, thus satisfying customers who expect nothing but the highest quality.