The company operates plantations of the fragrant aquilariamalaccensis trees that produce agarwood in Vientiane and Xaysomboun Provinces of Lao P.D.R. Agarwood is the common name for the dark aromatic deposits of resin produced in the heartwood of Aquilaria and some species of gyrinops trees, the large evergreens native to several countries from north-east India and eastwards through south-east Asia and southern China.

The HSMM Group of Companies has made conservation for the environment it’s top priorities. It launched a program to plant one million agarwood trees in Lao P.D.R. The “Million Trees Program” was intended to replenish the natural forest resources, but its economic impact brought huge benefits to the farmers. The Company has planted 450,000 agarwood trees. It created jobs and enhanced the economic development of the region with revenues from exports.

The HSMM Group of Companies invest heavily in Agarwood related research and development. HSMM Group hascollaborated with Science and Technology Research Institute (STRI) of Lao PDR for developing new scientific techniques for producing refined qualities of Agarwood species.